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Men’s Mental Health (Individual and Group Therapy)

Men and women both struggle with problems relating to mental health; however, men are typically less likely to both talk about and seek consultation for distressing feelings and experiences. This is due in part to the message that men have received spanning many years that expressing emotions (other than anger and frustration) and showing vulnerability makes you a weak man, and that men should be able to handle their problems on their own. Yet, we know that the opposite is true. Emotions are a normal and important part of what makes us human, they are an evolutionary signal that has developed over time to let us know that something is wrong (or right) and needs to be acknowledged. We also know that expressing emotion, as well as knowing when to ask for help, is a true sign of courage and bravery. Emotions also help us to connect with and understand others, thus allowing us the ability to build and maintain healthy relationships with others.


Recent research has shown that there is a silent but very serious crisis occurring in the world of men’s mental health, with men showing rising rates of certain mental health issues (e.g. depression, suicide, and substance abuse as examples). If you are a man struggling with what you think may be depression, anxiety, addiction (pornography included), the effects of trauma, or any other issue that is affecting your quality of life and relationships then please reach out for a consultation with a mental health professional…you’ll be glad you did. If you are a family member, friend, boss, or significant other of someone you think may be struggling, please offer your support and encourage them to reach out to a professional for a consultation. Six million men struggle with depression each year, and 19.1 million men between the ages of 18 and 54 have an anxiety disorder…so you are not at all alone, in fact, you are among millions (Mental Health America, (2017). Infographic: Mental Health for Men. Retrieved from


I work with men of all ages in a supportive, accepting, and non-judgmental environment to teach you the skills that are necessary to be an effective human being. Topic areas that may be addressed in individual or group therapy, include: how to cope with life stressors (school, work, and relationships), how to deal with bullying, how to successfully navigate the world of social media without the negative effects, how to be a better partner and friend, how to deal with anger, healthy male identity, body image, pornography and its effects on the male psyche,  addiction, dealing with divorce, feelings of profound loneliness, how to make and keep friends, healthy sexuality and identity, and more.        

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