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Play Therapy

Due to their young age and growing vocabulary, children have a limited ability to verbally express themselves and what is troubling them. They instead act-out their problems through concerning behaviors (e.g. hitting, lying, tantruming, etc.). When asked what the problem is or why they are doing what they are doing, children will have a hard time articulating that which they cannot understand and communicate. Play therapy is a developmentally appropriate way for children to express their feelings, work through their concerns, and learn new and more beneficial ways of responding to life’s stressors. Play is a very important part of the growing child’s life, and it is through play that they discover, modify, and integrate new learnings about their inner and outer world.


I work with children in a nurturing and supportive atmosphere to help them get better and thrive through one of the most important developmental periods of their lives. For more information about play therapy and a hilarious video, please visit: 

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