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Tips for Getting the Most Out of Therapy

1.      Therapy can be a beneficial experience, potentially leading to a more fulfilled and satisfying life. If you are receptive to help, it is likely that you will be helped.


2.      If you have any questions about how counseling works, how I may work with you, or any other aspect of therapy, do not hesitate to ask.


3.      As you discuss yourself and your concerns, try to be as clear as possible about your goals. You might ask yourself “what do I want out of therapy?”, “in what ways would I like my life to change?”, “what would my life look like if therapy were to be successful?”, and “in what ways would I personally like to change?”


4.       It is perfectly normal to feel a bit anxious about therapy. This discomfort will usually lessen as you become more familiar with the therapy process, with me, and with our style of working together.    


5.      Try to be as open and honest about yourself and your challenges as possible. The more I understand the intimate details of what it is that you are struggling with the better I can help you and help you to help yourself.


6.      Allow yourself to experience the feelings you have. Your feelings towards others, towards yourself, and even towards me are sources of useful information about you and the experiences that you may be struggling with.


7.       Therapy can be difficult at times, especially when dealing with painful emotions. This is a crucial and important part of the growth process. Challenge yourself to stick with it.


8.      Coming in consistently once a week for 50 minutes is important, but it is the small daily changes in your thinking and behavior in between sessions that can have the power to create lasting change. Carrying out the recommended experiential activities discussed in session will lead to the lasting change you may be hoping for.


9.      If you feel that therapy is not being helpful, please discuss this with me as soon as the feelings arise. Often, a change in approach from me and you can be helpful. Let me know what has been helpful, what would be more helpful, and I will be more equipped to address your needs.


10.   Smile…and give yourself credit for taking an important step on the path towards a more satisfying life. It takes vulnerability and a whole lot of courage to examine the way you show up in your life and relationships. You can breathe in comfort knowing that you are on your way to not only feeling better, but to BEING better.

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