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Dr. Ori Lidor

Cultivating courage


conquering anxiety


living a life well lived

Men's Therapist



Hello there! I’d like to first take this moment to congratulate you on summoning up the courage that it took to take the steps that led you here. Whether you came here as a gift to yourself, as a parent on behalf of your child or teen, or as a family unit, it takes an immense amount of courage and insight to say “you know what…I could use a little support right now”. Life will throw many challenges our way, some of which we can handle effectively on our own, and others that are worthy of support from others. The wisdom is in knowing the difference.

Although I have extensive experience in working with a diverse range of clients and presenting problems, my specialty is in working with men ages 18-65 who feel that anxiety, fear, and limiting beliefs have kept them from living the kind of life that they have imagined for themselves.


My Approach

​As a licensed clinical psychologist I strive to work collaboratively with you in a non-judgmental, empathic, and supportive environment to help you reconnect to your inner-resources and strengths, to cultivate new coping skills and problem-solving strategies, and to then apply those new ways of “being” in order to help you live a satisfying and joyful life. I understand that therapy is a very personal process. Being that as it may, I will work with you and/or your family to create a personalized plan that will address your goals while appreciating the uniqueness that is your life story and the individual needs that come along with it.


Being a goal-oriented psychologist who is striving to provide you with a fruitful experience, I will be checking in with you throughout the treatment process in order to ensure that we are on the right track towards meeting your goals, and that you feel you are benefitting from our work together. I understand that making the decision to seek therapy is an investment in your future, and I aim to make that investment a valuable one to you.


I’m glad you’re here, and I feel privileged and honored for the opportunity to be a part of a chapter of the book of your life. I look forward to hearing your story, and together with you, to begin to imagine and construct the many possibilities that the story of your future may hold. For further inquiries feel free to contact me.


With gratitude,

Dr. Ori


Ways I Can Help


I provide psychotherapy to children, adolescents, and adults in a supportive, non-judgmental, and relaxing environment. 

Parenting Skills Training

I provide parenting skills training utilizing Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP), an evidenced based 7-week long curriculum stemming from the work of renowned Psychologist, Alfred Adler. STEP teaches a democratic, respectful, and practical approach to parenting. Classes target ages 0-5, 6-12, and 13-17. 

group therapy

I provide supportive group psychotherapy to young  boys, teens, and adult men of all ages.  

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