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Parenting Skills Training (STEP-Systematic Training for Effective Parenting)

If there was one job on the planet that ought to come with a mandatory “how to” guide, that job should be parenting. Am I right? New parents, if they haven’t picked up one of the many guides to parenting that there are out there, probably learned how to parent (for better or worse) from their parents, friends, or the television. Who did their parents learn from? You guessed it, probably their own parents. It then becomes clear to see how easy it is for patterns of ineffective parenting to be transmitted in a bubble from generation to generation without alarm.


Raising children is the most important job there is, it’s the most difficult one, and usually doesn’t come with paid vacations. Thankfully there are evidenced-based and scientifically sound methods for raising children who are respectful, self-reliant, happy, healthy, confident, cooperative, and responsible. This leads to parenting that is more fun than stressful, parents that are more self-compassionate than judgmental towards themselves, and a family system that is more balanced and thriving.


STEP is a seven-session parent skills training curriculum that is typically taught in weekly two hour long group sessions. The course is structured as follows:


Week 1: Understanding Yourself and Your Child

Week 2: Understanding Beliefs and Feelings

Week 3: Encouraging Your Child and Yourself

Week 4: Listening and Talking to Your Child

Week 5: Helping Children Learn to Cooperate

Week 6: Discipline that Makes Sense

Week 7: Choosing Your Approach


I work with parents in a supportive, fun, and engaging environment where we can have a good time while also learning the skills that it takes to be an effective parent. Each group member will receive a copy of the STEP parenting handbook prior to the first meeting.

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